Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Lil Miss Holly Jolly

Soooo the Playroom will be opening soon, and this adorable top is part of a gacha set that will be available at the event. TRU did such a cute job on these outfits, but this top was so adorable I had to share. Don't forget to stop by and try out all the awesome things available at this coming round of The Playroom. Happy Shopping ♥

Hair: Doe: Light Bright [gacha item/check MP]

Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice

Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) - Kimi @ Roselline

Earrings: {Lula Belle} Bow Gemstone Earring @ Roselline

Sweater: TRU-Lil Miss top - Coming Soon to The Playroom

Pants: ~Lazo - Hera Capris

Shoes: ~Lazo - Emilia Sneakers

Friday, November 23, 2018

Shopping is Life!

With all these Black Friday Sales going on, my little self can't keep up! I love all the amazing things that are out right now, but I haven't forgotten about the events that are still under way. Color Me Cute is back and with some amazing designers for their new first round. This outfit is from none other than Miele. I have always loved her stuff, so I was super happy to see this adorable sweater and skirt set in the event. Check the details below for the details! Happy Shopping ♥

Hair: Wasabi // Clover Mesh Hair

Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice

Body: *TD* Fitted Body

Earrings: {T.T}Pearl Earring

Necklace: MICHAN - Meimi Necklace - Unicorn

Sweater: ~Miele~ Kanashi Sweater {FairyTale} @ Color Me Cute

Skirt: ~Miele~ Kanashi Skirt {Denim}@ Color Me Cute

Shoes: {Lula Belle} Delilah Bow Boots

Pose: ! Whippersnappers ! - Shopping is life


Today Is one of those days where I feel hungry like a hippo! What better way to show that off than this adorable outfit from Maple coming to Roselline on the 25th? I love this outfit so much!
You can get holdable Hippos AND a matching lil bracelet and hair tie thing that goes on your wrist. They are the most adorable things I have ever seen. Check out all the details below and as always Happy Shopping ♥

Hair: Doe: Nikki 

Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice

Body: *TD* Fitted Body

Earrings: {T.T}Pearl Earring

Necklace: MICHAN - Meimi Necklace - Unicorn

Outfit: [m] hippo dress overall outfit - Coming to Roselline Event on the 25th
Comes in a variety of colors with lots of extras!

Boots: REIGN.- PALIA BOOTS - comes fitted for both TD and Bebe!

Donuts: :::ChicChica::: Donut Kebab

Hippo Hold: [Cuppa]  Hippo White @ Roselline Event on the 25th

Pose: { Bellybean } Cherie 05 [Pose is changed a bit due to attached bento items]

Waitress Anyone??

So I picked up this uber cute maid looking outfit at Color Me Cute this round, and it is the most adorable thing ever! I can serve up anything I wish and clean my room in a multiple variety of colors. It also has a HUD that allows you to pick the stuff on the Apron. I figured I would make me breakfast in my kitchen before everyone got up. Happy Shopping ♥

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Wendy

Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice

Body: *TD* Fitted Body

Outfit: [m] maid dress: purple : Comes in 8 Colors and the apron option with or without the bow! Now out @ Color Me Cute

Boots: {Lula Belle} Dolly PomPom Boots - Lilac 

Drink: Hazy. I'm Sweet Gacha. Milk [gacha item/check MP]

Pose: -Extra- Fashion Monster 3

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Baby its cold outside...

Brrrrrrr... it really has gotten colder! Snow everywhere, but now at least there are pretty Christmas lights to look at! Mama told me not to go out in the cold but I really wanted to show you guys my new coat and boots and gloves!. I adore this set, it is the cutest, so if you can keep reading below and find out where to get it all. In the meantime I am gonna go in and get some hot chocolate to warm myself! Happy Shopping ♥

Hair: Exile - Rush

Bow: {Lula Belle} Velvet Bow Headbands 

Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alex - Head (v.1.0.9)

Body: Bebe Body Fitted V 2.3.1

Jacket: [M] Bebe Madeline Capelet Coat (Fitted) - Slate @ Color Me Cute

Gloves: {Lula Belle} Bento Gloves @ Thimble

Shirt: {T.T}BEBE -fitted- UnderClothing Appliers [on MP]

Skirt: ~Lazo - Rhea Skirt @ Color Me Cute

Tights: NACH Boutique Izzie Rust Tights applier

Boots: {T.T}Bunny Slipper Boots @ Roselline


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Sleep Overs...

When you and your bestie, are always together, your brain is like twin brain! We do so much together, and have known each other soooooo long that we pick stuff and show up in the exact same thing sometimes! So when it comes to sleepovers, there is no exception lol. These PJ's are so cute, that we both knew we needed them. I love the fact that you pick the color, and it has a HUD so you can change the saying. WOO! New PJ's everyday right? I am thankful today for comfy clothes. Happy Shopping ♥

On Left {Jacie}

Hair: *barberyumyum*B01 [50L Friday this week!]

PJ's: {WF&S} LazyDay PJ's @ Color Me Cute!

on Right {Jordyn}

Hair: VCO ~ chouchou . Ver2 [gacha item/check MP]

Mask: 14.Doe: Beauty Rest - Mask - Unicorn RARE [gacha item/check MP]

PJ's: {WF&S} LazyDay PJ's @ Color Me Cute!

Slippers: [Lazy Unicorn]  Yuki Slippers And Socks - Blush [on Marketplace]

Lamb: nani - sleepy sheepy - sheep plushy [gacha item/check MP]

Pose: { Bellybean } Peace [on Marketplace]

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Movin is Hard!

Soooo we decided we wanted a small house cuz we all kept gettin lost on tha tons of stairs in the old one. So we packed everything up and got it all ready. Mama n daddy looked super duper tired, so I grabbed my blankie cape and came to their rescue! I was excited to see if flapping in the wind as I rushed around them. This is the cutest thing ever though seriously, it comes in 3 different options and so many patterns for each. They are all available @ The Playroom so Happy Shopping ♥


Cape: .::Little Clover::.Favorite Blankie Cape~Unicorns [see options @ the bottom] 

Sweater: ~Lazo - Snuggle Sweater Bonjour Bebe

Leggings: ~Lazo - Fluffy Legging from ~Lazo - Fluffy Skirt/Legging

Boots: REIGN.- PALIA BOOTS [They fit BEBE and TD!]

Pose: { Bellybean } Kawaii 1

Blankie Options: [This was out at The Playroom but might be out at the store now.]