Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sparkles 055

Anyone who knows me, knows I ADORE Llamas. Like totally obsessed. I was sooooooo excited when I saw this outfit... I KNEW I had to have it. Llama for the win! On with the cute...

Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Lottie

Headband:  * My Cute Llama * Rainbow Crown [gacha/check MP]

Head:  Toddleedoo ~ Sky

Body:  Toddleedoo Fitted Baby

Outfit:  *Cherry Tot*  Ally Ourfit Turquoise (LLAMA) @ Color Me Cute

Shoes:  *Cherry Tot* Fitted Llama Sneakers @ Color Me Cute

Floating Llama:  * My Cute Llama * Purple Shoulder Llama [gacha/check MP]

Companion Llama:  Birdy - Candy LOLlama - Companion - Pink [gacha/check MP]

Holding Llama:  Marmelade - Crochet Llama - Hold

Earrings:  {Lula Belle} Birthstone Bow Earrings

Stickers on Face:  Izzie's - Face Stickers

Pose:  { Bellybean } Kawaii 4 [modified by Llama hold pose]

Friday, April 19, 2019

Sparkles 054

So many events going on right now, its hard to keep track, but with Spring here, and summer around the corner, there is lots to get... Let's go on a journey this week shall we? First up, and adorable romper at CMC, paired with some poses from Ninety Nine and not to forget Epiphany! Let's get onto the cute ♥

Hair:  VCO HAIR _ Mango [Blonde] [gacha item/check MP]

Headband:  .trinket. wire heart headband

Body:  Toddleedoo Fitted

Head:  Toddleedoo~Sky

Outfit:  {NB} Romper TD Baby Fitted Pink @ Color Me Cute

Bear:  {Momoko}-Magic Wish bear - Purple [gacha @ Epiphany]

Shoes:  {Little Miss} Platform Sandals - White

Pose:  { Bellybean } Sunshine 01 [moded because of hold in the teddy] @ Ninety Nine

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sparkles 053

Today I am showing you some older things, but some of my favorites. I love this outfit when Easter comes around, and my bunny blankie is always a must have. So on with the cute!

Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Lemon Mesh Hair [gacha item/check MP]

Head:  Toddleedoo ~ Sky

Body:  Toddleedoo Fitted

Earrings:  {Lula Belle} Birthstone Bow Earrings

Necklace:  .toodles. // Candy Necklace - Limited Rainbow [was limited item]

Romper:   { LD } Bunny Romper (Blush) - INCLUDES SOCKS

Bunny Blankie:  ~Dream & BunBun. Baby Bunny - Rosewater [gacha item/check MP]

Basket:  .:BABYLUSH:. Easter Basket Bumper

Bracelet:  e.marie // Toggle Heart Bracelet - Sterling

Rings:  paper Damsels Skye Bento Ring set -[no longer available]

Pose:  { Bellybean } Cherie 05 [modified by poses in basket and blanket]

Monday, April 8, 2019

Sparkles 052

Today I am showing an outfit that has always been my favorite since it came out. It is not new by any means, but I think it would make the cutest Easter outfit too... so I felt frilly today... *giggles* Happy Shopping Everyone ♥

Hair: *barberyumyum*P06(03)

Head: Toddleedoo Alice

Body: Bebe Fitted

Earrings:{Lula Belle} Birthstone Bow Earrings

Binky: {ud} Treasure Binky [diamonds] RARE [gacha item, check MP]

Dress: [M] Bebe Annie Dress - Auntys Closet

 Shoes: {MurMur} Bookworm Shoes - Pink

Pose: { Bellybean } Stardust 04

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sparkles 051

So sorry about not blogging this sooner, got sick and ended up in the Urgent care! Anyways, onto the cuteness! Happy Shopping everyone ♥

Hair:  *barberyumyum*P06 @ Soiree

Head:  Toddleedoo Alice

Body:  Toddleedoo Fitted

Earrings:  {Lula Belle} Birthstone Bow Earrings

Necklace:  Paper Damsels Girl Heart Necklace [not available anymore-sorry]

Top:  ~Lazo - Val Top

Skirt:  ~Lazo - Rhea Set 

Shoes:  {Little Miss} Platform Sandals - White *unrigged

If you wanna know about any of the decor, just shoot me an IM and I will give ya tha info ♥

Friday, March 29, 2019

Sparkles 050

It's almost that time, I love spring so much! Easter is just around the corner and we are finally able to wear clothing for warmer weather. Bring on the bunnies and sunshine! Happy Shopping Everyone ♥

Hair:  VCO HAIR _ Mango @ Kustom9  [this is a gacha item]

Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice

Body: *TD* Fitted Body

Headband:  ::Rigby:: my flower headband [old group gift]

Bunny Ears:  +Half-Deer+ Nature Head - Mini Bunny Ears (White) [gacha item - check MP]

Earrings:  {Lula Belle} Birthstone Bow Earrings

Outfit:  . tiptoes - Spring Bunny Overalls - FP @ Roselline [Now Open!] 2 versions in each pack with HUD to hide bunny!

Shoes:  [P]Bunny Sneaks {B} Pink

Basket:  .:BABYLUSH:. Easter Basket Bumper - [allows you to hold and drop eggs all over!]

Pose:  Casual Bento Poses [5]  - [modded by the hold animation in the basket]

Sparkles 049

So it has been a bit since I last posted. Due to RL I had to take an extensive break, and I missed blogging soooooo much! I haven't been back too long, but I couldn't keep myself from blogging. I hope you guys still keep checking in with me and I can't wait to show you all the things I have found! Happy Shopping ♥

Hair:  Doe: Nikki

Head:  *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head

Body:  Bebe Body Fitted V 2.3.1

Headband:  +Half-Deer+ Blossom Baby - Hydrangea Crown - White [gacha item-check MP]

Earrings:  {Lula Belle} Birthstone Bow Earrings

Necklace:  +Half-Deer+ Forest Charm - Bunny Necklace (Silver) [gacha item-check MP]

Watch:  <:*BoOgErS*:> RAWRtch Pink    [no longer available]

Romper:  ~*Buglets*~ Tayla Bodysuit- Bebe Only   [50L FRIDAY ITEM TODAY!]

Ice Cream:  Pewpew! Bunny Popsicle - Candy

Slippers:  [P] Lambo Sliipers Snow

Pose:  { Bellybean } Mochi 02 [modified by the hold able ice cream]

Location:  -Netherwood-